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What people say about Brilent


Lindsay Orr

Head of Recruiting at Wish

"Brilent saves our recruiters 5 hours per week on average."


Tim Sackett

Top 100 Influencer in HR

"Brilent understands this is a core issue for 99% of ATS users. So, they solve that. The best tech does that, it solves a problem and doesn’t blow up everything you have."


Ryan Ewing

Staffing Specialist Manager at
The Training Associates

"We placed 14 candidates in just 3 months of using the Brilent system, which resulted in a 15x ROI."


  • Candidates and jobs automatically sync with Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
  • Candidates are ranked against open jobs in seconds
  • Salary estimate, likelihood of changing jobs, and other intelligence at your fingertips
  • Easily navigate back to your ATS when ready to schedule an interview

Automatically match and rank candidates

Flip the integration switch in your ATS, and we'll do the rest.

unleash ats

Unleash your ATS

Your next hire is probably already in your system.

learn faster

We learn fast

Every action you take makes the system smarter, and improves our recommendations.


Spend time with people, not resumes

By automating pre-screening, recruiters can spend time where it matters - with candidates.


Get notified of new qualified candidates

Automatically receive email notifications when our system matches new qualified candidates for your job.


Trusted technology from a trusted team

Having worked on some of the toughest machine learning challenges at Facebook, our team is uniquely qualified to deliver the next generation candidate matching engine.

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