Our Technology

Brilent is a data science tech company developing a SaaS solution to help talent seekers quickly and effectively identify the right talent to hire.


The exciting part about this intelligent technology is its simplicity. No tricks. It leverages the components recruiters find quite relevant. At the core of the Brilent engine are three simple elements: the job requirements; the candidate profile; and our unique repository of market data.

Data Driven.

Next comes the fun part. Our system gathers all the relevant data from the job requirements and candidate profiles. Using hundreds of variables from these familiar recruiting elements and the market data, we use our well-honed experience to apply artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to predict how likely a candidate is a good fit for a particular job.

In other words, a whole lot of data crunching—and completed in seconds. Recruiters get a ranking of candidates according to the desired specifications. That’s data science doing some heavy lifting so recruiters can get to the favorite part of their job faster: deciding which one of those top candidates they want to talk with first.

Talent Finder.

What’s even better is recruiters can apply this technology across an entire talent database, for numerous jobs. Ranking can include new candidate profiles as well as promising profiles left untended for months or even a few years.